Sweet Treats

S W E E T  T R E A T S

BOURBON VANILLA ‘CRÈME BRULÉE’ compressed honey crisp apples, black tea sorbet, caramel glass {-12-} suggested pairing: royal tokaji aszu, 5 puttonyos {-16-}

BANANAS FOSTER CHEESECAKE brown butter caramel, hazelnut brittle, rum ice cream {-12-} suggested pairing: blandy’s madeira, malmsey – 15 yr {-13-}

NINE-LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE salted caramel, white espresso ice cream, whipped ganache {-12-} suggested pairing: cesar florido moscatel dorado {-10-}

SWEET POTATO CAKE torched meringue, candied pecans, orange-honey ice cream {-12-} suggested pairing: château laribotte, sauternes – 2011 {-12-}

STICKY TOFFEE CAKE burnt sugar ice cream {-12-} suggested pairing: dow’s 20 year tawny port {-15-}

ICE CREAM AND SORBET proudly serving house-made ice cream and sorbet ask for flavor selection {-7-}

Joy Williams, Executive Pastry Chef